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Hello All: Below is our outline/goals for SCLL in the 2025 Season. We wanted to put there out there far in advance as many things are changing next season. This is all subject to change but its good to have goals, right. 

>>>>NEW FOR 2025<<<<

Starting with the 2025 season, children at the youngest level of the Little League® Baseball and Softball program (League Age 4-7) throughout the United States will have the ability to register for any Little League program they choose, without respect to any geography- or school-related eligibility requirements. Those players who register under this option will also be fully eligible to participate in all aspects of league play, including International Tournament play, for the duration of their Little League careers provided they have continuous and unbroken participation from the time they are League Age seven within the specific league where initially registered and provided all other participation eligibility requirements have been met. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.. Long story short... You do not need to live in or go to school in St. Clair LL boundaries to play SCLL ages 7 or younger. Older Brother/Sister are also welcomed.
SCLL's main goal with this new rules is welcome back former SCLLer or St. Clair residents who now have kids and want their kids to experience the same great Little League experience they had but do not live in SCLL boundaries. Of course we will not turn away anyone looking to join our great league. We're excited to grow our SCLL family!

Registration will open on December 1st 2024 for the 2025 Season. This will remain open until the start of our season May 3rd. We will NEVER turn away a kid no matter how late you sign up. But please sign up as early as possible. :) Don't forget there are late fees!
*Open Field House Times will start in Feb for older age groups. You must be a registered SCLLer to practice in the field house. 
*Player evaluations will be held mid March, Softball March 8th, Baseball March 16th (subject to change). The evaluations are used to help us draft teams and create parity in the league, but all players will be placed on a team. 
*Teams will be released end or March
*Jerseys will be ordered by April 1st. If you sign up after this day your last name will not on the uniform when they arrive. If you wish to have your last name put on the uniform after you get it you may. . You will still have a uniform before opening day. All Tball Teams will have sponsor's on the back and not their last name. 
*We hope to start out door practices the 1st week of April (weather permitting) 
*Field Clean up day AKA Lovin on Legacy will be either April 12th or the 19th.
*Opening day for 2025 is May 3rd- basic info about opening day can be found here
*Regular Season Starts May 3rd-June 20th. Some games might finish up the 23rd-27th

*Registration Fees for 2025
Dec 1st-March 8th $130- This is a 97 Day window to get your registration in before rates go up. 
March 9th-March 31st $150- why the rate increase? At this point division team numbers need to be set so we know how many kids to place on each team. Adding a large amount of kids after this date can cause teams to balloon to 13 or more kids, which we do not want.
After March 31st $175- why? Because teams are already formed, uniforms and hats are ordered and most likely team already had their 1st practice The amount of extra time and cost to order is tough but do able. 

*Helpful Improvements for 2025
~ Dugouts on fields 1,3,4,7 will have new dugout benches installed and the dugout's front walls will be reinforced. 
~ New infield mix will be laid down on fields 1-5,7,9. 
~ We want to greatly improving our uniforms for the 2025 season. Baseball division's, coach pitch and up will get Nike Dry Fit MLB shirts (if supply is there, if not something very similar) with name and a number on back. Softball will continue to get the same great Dry Fit shirts they have got the last 3-4 years with their name and number on back. The boys are just catching up lol.
~ We are also looking for a Helmet and Bat Bag Sponsor(s) for 2025. We would like to start something new in 2025. All T Ball 1 and 2 players will get there very own SCLL helmet. This is something they can wear as they grow up. The Following years any 1st year T Baller will get a new SCLL Helmet. We would also like to repeat that for when they move up to the coaches/machine pitch division's. As they move to the Minor Divisions they would than receive bat bag they can use throughout the rest of their SCLL career. THIS IS ALL SPONSORSHIP DEPENDENT AND IS ONLY AN IDEA RIGHT NOW. If you or someone you know would like to be a sponsor for one or all of these please contact us here

*Please check out our FAQ for more information.

2025 St. Clair Little League Planned Division's 
~ Anyone wishing to play up or play down will have to approval and will be asked to to attend the player evaluation day in March. 

Tee Ball:

  • Tee Ball 1: 3-4 year old's / Will play on Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:15 or 6:15pm / 6 Teams expected

  •  Instructional development.  Strictly hitting off the tee. This division focuses on fundamentals, fun and an introduction to baseball.  No score is kept, and games are 45-1 Hour with two or three at bats for kid/team. Teams will be coed.  

  • Tee Ball 2:  4-6 year old's / Will play on Monday's and Wednesdays 5:15 or 6:15pm / 6-8 Teams expected

  • Same as Tee Ball 1 BUT A coach pitches under or overhand from 10-15 ft away and the child is given 5 swings to hit the ball. If they fail to hit the ball in those swings we will bring out the tee for them to hit off of. 6yo’s with multiple years of T Ball are encouraged to play Coaches Pitch. Teams will be separated by all boy teams, all girl teams and a CoEd Team with brothers/Sisters. They will all stll play against each other.  

BASEBALL:  There has been some major changes to our baseball divisions. 

  • Minors AA 6-7 year old's: Coaches Pitch / Will play on Tuesdays and Thursdays 5 or 6:30pm / 6-8 Teams expected

  • Coaches pitch to the players. Everyone bats, and games are played six innings. 3 outs per inning, 5 run max per inning. There will be a catcher, 4 Outfielders will be used. Last two weeks of the season we will translate to player pitch for two innings per game. Focus is still Instructional development. 

  • Minors AAA 8-9 year old's: Kids Pitch / Will play on Monday's and Wednesdays 5 or 6:30pm / 6 Teams expected

  • Kids will pitch all innings. Modified Rule, No walks after 4 balls, a coach will come in to finish out the at bat. No stealing home etc. Pitchers Mound and Bases are 40' / 60'.  

  • Majors 10-12 year old's: Kids Pitch / Will play on Tuesday's and Wednesdays  / 5 or 6:30pm / 6 Teams expected

  • Close to major league lead offs or pick offs. Pitchers Mound and Bases are 46' / 60'. 

SOFTBALL: No major changes to our softball divisions

  • 8u Pitching Machine 7-8 year old's Will play on Tuesdays and Thursdays 5 or 6:30pm / 4 Teams expected

  • Players strictly hit off the pitching machine. Bat roster. Clear Bases after three outs. 20-30 Mins of instructions/practice before each game 

  • Minors 9-10 year old's: Kids Pitch. Will play on Monday and Wednesday 5 or 6:30pm /  4 Teams expected ~ We might interleague with Marysville 

  • Kids will pitch all innings. Modified Rule, No walks after 4 balls a coach will come in to finish out the at bat. No stealing home, etc. Pitchers Mound and Bases are 35' / 60'. 

  • Majors 11-12 year old's: Kids Pitch Will play on Monday's and Thursdays 5 or 6:30pm /  4 Teams expected ~We might interleague with Marysville 

  • Closer to High School / College rules Pitchers Mound and Bases are 40' / 60'. 


  • any updated will be added UPDATED 05/08/2024


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